Bullied to death, What is wrong with kids today?

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Looking these pictures, you will these young teens with happy smile. They all had talents and dreams. Also, they got 1 thing in common. They were victims of bullying which allowed them to commit suicide. I remmember my days during high school, I saw many students being bullied. I was one them. Mostly, girls would bully me. The only reason I could remmember it was because I used to take serious my studies and I was mature to my age. I do not consider my bully too serious comparing to other students. But, I have never heard in my entire life someone commiting suicide. Nowadays, there are more numbers of teens commiting suicide. Because this is definetely serious. I have no idea how they are bullied. But, I can understand at this age, the hormones start growing, teens face identity vs. whole confusion. I think parents are reponsible for kids who are bullied and kids who bully other kids. What happened when parents are informed when their kids bully others? Do they really take it serious? Do they really care? Schools and principals are also responsible to control these attitudes. Once a victim is bullied, he or she will definetely be bullied in second time. I can feel how parents feel losing their lovely kids. I have fear to have my own kids in future. I do not only fear they become victims of bullying. But, I don’t wish my kids become bulliers either. I want my kids growing as a generous and happy people to pursue all their dreams. I hope this ends someday. The kids who bullied these kids until the death should be punished as minor criminals. In my opinion, bulliers are more serious than a kid who commit shoplift. I do not mean shoplifters should not be punished. But, bulliers can cause harm to others and become life treaten.


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